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Romar Sports Coaching - COVID 19 Risk Assessment Plan (in accordance with FA and Government Guidelines)

We have set out below the approach that Romar Sports will be taking in response to the COVID 19 pandemic with regards to all of our coaching sessions. All of the sessions will be delivered in accordance with the latest FA and government guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

The latest government guidance (specific to our business) on permitteded coaching is available via the this link



The FA have also issued their guidance specifically for football coaching and we direct you to their website http://www.thefa.com/about-football-association/covid-19.


As a provider of out of school coaching we confirm that:

1) Health and safety has been considered, specifically coronavirus (COVID-19) protective measures. As a small provider we do not need to have a written policy but we are fully aware of the risks and how to reduce them


2) The environment is safe - we will provide well-maintained, clean venues with a clear exit route in case of emergencies and a first aid kit available. We are aware of what to do in the event of a fire or emergency and will follow the procedures supplied to us by each venue


3) Soap or hand sanitiser will be readily available for staff, children and parents or carers to clean their hands. We will have posters promoting frequent handwashing or the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach


4) The venue and toilets will be cleaned frequently and in line with venue requirements (cleaning checklists in the toilet will be visible and completed regularly)


5) Use of venue toilets will be managed to prevent overcrowding and there are separate facilities for girls and boys available at all venues


6) Children attending the venue will be in small, consistent groups of no more than 15 children and one or two staff members


7) Social distancing is being promoted at all of our venues, we have physical markers in place for each player to begin the day and stay safe throughout, and we will separate the players at breaks and lunches (as well as in any games or practical sessions we deliver)


8) We have an appointed person responsible for first aid at each venue and this person will be clearly identifiable at the venue


9) All of our coaches have completed FA safeguarding training and have in-date certificates to deal with child protection and safeguarding issues


10) Our child protection policy is available on request. This includes how children can report concerns and how we will make parents aware of them


11) There will be an appointed safeguarding lead at each venue


12) When booking you will be issued with a parental consent form, which asks for medical information

and emergency contact details, is needed before the child attends for the first time


13) A complaints process is in place


14) Our staff members are aware of the new safety measures the venues have introduced during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak


15) Staff members have relevant training to deal with child protection issues such as physical, emotional or sexual abuse


16) Staff have completed relevant qualifications and checks (for example DBS checks) which are available upon request


Guidance The Players The Coach Parent / Guardian

Social Distancing 2 metre rule

  • Players: All players will be kept at least 2m apart before, during and after the session. No contact will be allowed between players unless they are from the same family and in the same household - with permission from the parent granted for this.
  • Coach: The Coach will remain 2 metres apart from each player at all times during the session. No contact will be made with any player at any time.
  • Parent/Guardian: You will maintain a safe distance from the Coach and players when dropping off and collecting the player. If you wish to watch the session you will be directed to a safe area away from the playing area.

Pre Session

  • Player: Each player will have an individual playing area and a storage area for their belongings upon arrival at the venue. They should not move into any other players area.

    Players will need to register at our administration tent before the session begins each day.

    They will receive instructions for where to leave their belongings, who is in their bubble, which coach will be looking after them and guidance on breaks, toilet use and snacks.

    Each coach will advise them of who they are able to discuss or report any concerns or problems with during the sessions.

  • Coach: The Coach will have a separate “station” away from the players and adhering to the 2 metre rule in place at 1 June 2020.

    The Coach will set out the balls and equipment before the session and use gloves when doing so.

  • Parent/Guardian: Please ensure you drop the player off at a safe distance from all other participants.

    We will operate a drop off system at each venue’s car park - there will be no parking available at the venue.

    Please do not enter the playing area before the session.

During The Session

  • Players: All players will be given 1 football to use for the session.

    All players will be given time at the start of the session to check that laces are tied up and that they are ready to participate.

    All sessions will start with a warm up routine appropriate to the age of the player. This will involve a ball as much as possible.

    A separate playing area will be available for each player to work in.

    We recommend that players wear gloves throughout the session where possible.

    If another football is used for the session this will be clean and will not be handled by any other player without gloves on.

  • Coach: We will maintain a safe distance from the player at all times.

    Should we need to enter the individual playing areas to deliver support or a coaching point we will maintain the 2m social distance.

    We may take footage at distance of the session to post on our social media channels. We will adhere to our safeguarding procedures at all times and will only post this with consent of the players parent / guardian.

  • Parent/Gaurdian: Please do not enter the playing area or individual players’ area unless the coach asks you (eg in the event of a first aid matter that affects your child).

    Please do not allow any other children who are not participating in the session to enter the playing area or individual areas marked.

    Please do not post any photos on social media of other players without permission from the players parent/guardian.

Post Session

  • Players: The players will leave any footballs and equipment in their individual playing area and will not pick this up or return it to the Coach.

    They will then return to their non playing area to collect their belongings.

    The player will wait for the Coach to release them to the parent/ guardian.

    The players will be released once the parent /guardian is ready to collect them.

  • Coach: The Coach will direct the players to their non- playing area at the end of the session.

    We will only release a player when the parent/ guardian are available to collect the player.

    We will release 1 player at a time and will guide them safely back to the parent/guardian .

    We will not leave any players with any other parents or guardians outside of the family.

  • Parent/Gaurdian: The parent /guardian will wait for the Coach to release the player to them.

    You will arrive 5 minutes before the session is due to finish and wait for the player in your vehicle until the session is completed.

    You will not enter the playing area to collect your child until the Coach requests that you do so.

    You will not collect any children who are not part of your family / who are living with you under any circumstances.


  • The balls will be cleaned after every session.

    No other equipment - cones, gloves, hurdles etc. should be touched or moved by the players.

    No bibs will be issued or shared.

  • Post-session the equipment will be cleaned or replaced with fresh equipment.

  • Please do not handle any equipment at any time.

    Please do not kick or throw any spare footballs outside of the playing area back to the players unless you have gloves on.

Break and Facliity Use

  • Players: Regular breaks for water, snacks and to re-apply sanitiser will be used.

    Toilet breaks will be permitted and will be safely managed in accordance with safeguarding procedures.

    The facilities that are available will be managed in accordance with standard safeguarding protocols and COVID 19 guidance.

  • Coach: The Coach will apply hand sanitiser at regular intervals during the practice.

    The Coach will manage the facility and playing surface to the best of their ability.

  • Parent/Gaurdian: If you are watching the session you may be asked to monitor the players if a player needs to take a toilet break which the Coach is required to supervise.

    Please prepare your child for the session by encouraging them to go to the toilet before the session where possible.

First Aid & Health Matters

  • Players: Parents will ensure that any players with underlying health conditions (eg asthma) arrive at the session with any necessary medical support.

    If any child or parent has shown any symptoms of

    A separate first aid station will be set up away from the playing area if a player is feeling unwell.

  • Coach: The Coach will manage the safety of the playing surface to ensure that the players exposure to injury is minimised as best as possible.

    All of our coaches will be First Aid qualified.

    We will appoint a Coach to be the first point of contact for any medical needs and we will have medical action plans at each venue.

  • Parent/Gaurdian: In the event of an emergency that affects a player you may be asked to help the Coach by calling the emergency services or contacting the affected players parent.

    Further COVID-19 specific guidance is issued below this table.


  • Players: The players agree to follow the guidance of the coach at all times and to not harm any other player at any time during the session.

    If any player ignores the guidance deliberately or consistently that player will be asked to stop playing immediately and will be asked to sit in their own non-playing area for the rest of the session.

    Events that are deemed to be seriously ignoring the guidelines include:-

    • -  entering another players practice or individual non-playing area deliberately;

    • -  attempting to drink or share any snacks with another player;

    • -  spitting on the floor or at another participant;

    • -  picking up a ball and throwing it at another participant;

    • -  abusive language or threatening behaviour towards the other participants; and

    • -  leaving the playing area without prior permission from the Coach

    • - We will discuss attendance at future sessions with the parent/ guardian as soon as possible.

  • Coach: The Coach will take responsibility for guiding the players and uphold the appropriate levels of behaviour at all times.

    If a Coach identifies a player / players who are not adhering to the guidelines and putting themselves and other’s at risk they will stop the session and ask the parent/guardian to come and collect the player / players.

    The Coach will deploy fair judgement on any contravention of the guidance - if its a genuine mistake or accidental incident we will remind the players of their responsibility and allow them to continue.

    If we think the actions are a deliberate act that put the other participants at risk we will stop the session immediately for all of the players and remove all of the players involved.

  • Parent/Gaurdian: The parent/guardian will prepare the player before the session begins by advising them of the expected behaviour, of listening to the coach at all times and the importance of socially distancing at all times.

    The parent / guardian will work with the Coach where a player has to be removed from a session.

    In extreme circumstances you may need to enter the playing area to collect your child and you will be asked by the Coach to do this - you will not enter the playing area until you are authorised to by the Coach.